Day Time Activities
Monday 15:00 INDEPENDENCE DAY Science Fiction
Monday 22:00 THE MARTIAN Science Fiction
Tuesday 15:00 NOW YOU SEE ME 2 Mystery
Tuesday 22:00 ROGUE ONE Star Wars Story Science Fiction
Wednesday 15:00 UNDERWORLD Fantastic
Wednesday 22:00 PIRATES OF CARABBEAN - Dead Men Tell No Tales Fantastic
Thursday 15:00 FANTASTIC BEASTS Fantastic
Thursday 22:00 MECHANIC Resurrection Action
Friday 15:00 JACK REACHER Thriller
Friday 22:00 GHOST in the SHELL Fantastic
Saturday 15:00 WONDER WOMEN Fantastic
Saturday 22:00 THE MUMMY Thriller
Sunday 15:00 JASON BOURNE Thriller
Sunday 22:00 PASSENGERS Science Fiction